Revised Mapping Cycle

We recently found a weakness in the Mapping Cycle where an opened map file could be saved onto a newer updated map, thus sending old data to the repository compromising many commits. Thus all mappers have been advised to close any opened map files in GPSmapedit before performing an SVN Update in trunk or borneo. Mappers are also advised to close the map tile in step 5 of the mapping cycle before committing to the repository.

This is still not full proof but it serves as a stop-gap measure until we can find an automated solution.

See Mapping Cycle.

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Masmap Subversion accepts commits from GPSmapedit v2.0

Although there is no significant change in the format of the Polish Map, we’ve decided to accept commits from GPSmapedit 2.0 because of some helpful features in this version, namely:

  1. More option for Web Maps (satellite imagery underlay) particularly from Bing and Yahoo Maps which have more detail in some places compared to Google Maps.
  2. The ability to export into ESRI SHP format. This would cut out the need for GlobalMapper if proven to be robust in handling custom fields in the Extras Tab of Map Object Properties. (Update: Unfortunately not yet!)
  3. Copy a Map Object from one location and Paste it in a different location.
  4. Split Roads at Nodes (Special Tool) which refreshes the RoadID for proper auto-routing.

Subversion still does accept GPSmapedit v1.0 though (v1.0.75.1 at the minimum) as we cannot force all mappers to pay for the upgrade.

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Pre-Commit Hook – Block Empty Message Log

Thanks to Sabri Kadir, we now have a Subversion Pre-commit hook that checks whether a mapper forgets to enter a commit log. A commit log is crucial for other mappers to know what has been done on the map so they can peer review the edits.

The message you will see when you forget to enter a commit log:

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