Download map tiles

To download the map tiles in Polish Format, you will need GPSmapedit and Git (TortoiseGIT is optional if you prefer using context menu rather than command line interface). You also need an account at

Once you have the prerequisite apps, create a new folder in your D drive and name it masmap. The instructions here assumes you have TortoiseGIT installed, but if you prefer to use the command line interface of Git, you should be able to infer what to do from these instructions.

Open the masmap folder you just created and right click to choose Git clone from the context menu. In the window that opens, enter to URL and D:\masmap in the Directory field.

Click OK and the map tiles will begin downloading. Once finished downloading, this is what you should see in your masmap folder:

And if you open the pm folder (pm stands for Peninsular Malaysia), this is what you should see:

And if you open the borneo folder, this is what you should see:

These are the map tiles in Polish Format that can be opened by a text editor or GPSmapedit.

GPSmapedit Settings

Set your GPSmapedit to these settings:

  1. Go to Tools > Options > Edit Tab:
    • Uncheck Snap to Grid
    • Uncheck Stick to tracks and waypoints
Tools > Options > Edit Tab

2. Go to Load & Save Tab > Setting for Polish Format:

  • Saving to Polish Format, save object as [POI], [POLYGON] and [POLYLINE] sections
  • Save postal address information as “CityName=”, “RegionName=” and “CountryName=” attributed per object
Tools > Options > Load & Save Tab > Settings for Polish Format

3. Go to Units Tab:

  • Position format > Lat/Lon +ddd.ddddd°